Spartan Carbide is a long term producer and partner to the demanding Aerospace tooling market. We provide custom machining solutions in many Hi-Tech applications, adhering to strict government specifications and requirements.


Spartan Carbide has been aligned with the automotive tooling market since our inception in 1973. Pictured are a few custom designed tools for machining disc brake calipers and anchor brackets. Also shown are tight tolerance form tools used in actuating heads to generate boot and seal groove configurations. Lastly the image features special groove and chamfer inserts as well as blades used to rough and finish ream the piston bore.

Water Management

Spartan Carbide produces innovative carbide tooling used in the agricultural, infrastructure and drainage system markets. Pictured here are several highly engineered cavity style slitter and cut off blades used in water management and sanitary sewage applications.

Oil / Gas

Spartan Carbide has partnered with key customer accounts to produce quality thread chaser (roughing and finishing) inserts and custom chipbreakers for the oil and gas exploration market.

Steel Tube

Our re-engineered twin tip cut off blades plunge through seamless heat treated 4340 steel pipe (traditionally very difficult to machine) in a fraction of the time it takes for most conventional cut off systems, parting through wall thicknesses of up to 1.500″ producing a 50% to 100% plus tool life improvement. (Data based on actual customer production results)