What We Have

Equipment Capabilities

Spartan Carbide has earned it’s quality reputation in the demanding cutting tool market by providing cost effective tooling solutions with attention to detail, consistency of process and personal customer service. We have continued to invest in the latest CNC grinding technologies offering highly engineered, automated tool processing. All CNC equipment is on a scheduled maintenance program helping to minimize down times and shorten delivery cycles. Combined with our highly skilled journeyman tool makers we can offer our customers true reliability and service

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“Purchased in December 2023 the SMART-B818IV is a CNC surface and profile grinder. The machine features an 18 X 7.87″ chuck that can hold tolerances as tight as ± .0001″. This machine can produce complicated forms accurately, efficiently and with tremendous repeatability.

Stahli DLM 705 Top & Bottom Grinder

Our new Stahli DLM705 machine is a star on the shop floor. This machine is a 2-wheel top and bottom grinder dedicated to high productivity and the next level of precision. The DLM705 can handle just about any size or geometry you throw at it, holding flatness and parallelism dimensions as close as +/- .0001”.

Gerber BP-MX

The BP-MX brushes away sharp edges and burrs and replaces them with precisely defined radii and contours onto edges. Simultaneously the machine polishes the surface to the very finest finishes. For specific finish requirements different brushes can be applied. This technology allows Spartan to polish any surface of a tool. The machine comes with a touch panel computer allowing us to store settings and programs for ensured process repeatability. The machine increases both quality and efficiency for our edge preparation and polishing department

HAAS Multi-Grind CU

New HAAS Multi-Grind CU is a 5-Axis profile form grinder. The CU includes an integrated automation unit complete with a pivot drive and gripper arm. This state of the art machine is equipped with magazines and flexible tool changers for ensured repeatability and optimum production. The HAAS Multi-Grind CU immediately adds to Spartan Carbides capabilities and increases profile form grinding consistency and efficiency.

Wendt Alpha 350

4-Axis CNC periphery grinder with MTX controls and advanced digital drive system designed for high precision peripheral grinding of inserts in short efficient cycle times. Offers excellent cutting edge quality at the tightest (± .0002″) of tolerances.

Wendt WCD Upgrade

5 – Axis CNC end form grinder with MTX controls and advanced digital drive system designed for high precision end form grinding of inserts in short efficient set up and cycle times. Offering an excellent cutting edge this machine is ideal for threading and grooving inserts of any shape or size.

Fusion3 EDGE 3D Printer

3D printing capabilities have allowed Spartan to produce previously outsourced fixturing in-house. With the ability to create fixtures quickly and at minimal cost we ensure all work goes to the most efficient work center without delay. We continue to find new uses for this machine every day.

Wendt Haas Multi-Grind

Our Multi-Grind is a 5-Axis Profile Form Grinder. The AF92 is a stable, rigid machine designed for medium to high production of geometrically complex form tools and inserts. It has an integrated wheel changer, coupled with an Adept Cobra 800 Scara Robot, the Multi-Grind has incredibly fast and accurate chip to chip cycle times with simplified XF interface allowing importing of part profiles from any CAD system. Ideal for manufacturing of screw machine and medical device tooling.

Accutex SP-500i

The Accutex SP-500i is our 5-axis wire EDM machine. Designed for special form profile tooling (ideal for screw machine applications) can produce the most intricate form geometries capable of holding tolerances within +/- .0001 with superior cutting edge finish.

Tru-Tech TT-5000

The Tru-Tech TT-5000 is a 3-Axis CNC round form tool grinder. This machine is relied upon for Ultra-Precision centerless profile OD grinding. The TT-5000 offers profile grind, plunge grind, peel grind, In-Feed and Thru-Feed grind capabilities.

Wendt Eco Line Alpha 370 CNC

Wendt Alpha 370R Roboted 4-Axis Insert Periphery Grinder. Fitted with Scara Robot and Pallet System, we can accommodate higher production volumes, with consistent tolerances and enhanced efficiency.

Ewag RS12 CNC Grinder

The Ewag RS12 CNC machines have 5 axis capability for grinding, grooving, threading, top notch, dog bone and all end form insert style cutting tools.

Wendt ECO Line Grinder

The Wendt ECO Line Periphery grinding machine can grind multiple operations without having to remove or adjust the tool. It can grind positive (+) and negative (-) cuts while holding a tolerance of +/- .0002 with ease. It has Bosch controls that are state of the art.

Almco S2-30

Spindle mounted precision honing and deburring machine designed for honing of carbide inserts and precision deburring of tooling. Finishes parts uniformly and consistently at high production rates, as well as improving surface finish of parts.

Beamer (B-Series) Laser Etching Machine

The latest in state-of-the-art parts marking technology. Highly engineered to fulfill all laser marking applications, and can accommodate a large range of sizes. This easy-to-program, easy-to-use equipment allows for clear, concise and detailed laser marking for most any customer specifications.

BridgePort Discovery TorqCut 22 Horizontal Mill

The BridgePort Torq-Cut 22 is our steel/standard and special horizontal mill machine capable of producing holders, fixtures, cartridges, and indexable tooling.

Additional Equipment

  • ELB SWN-9 – (Precision Thickness & Periphery Grinder)
  • Blanchard (2) – Thickness & Periphery Grinder with Polishing capabilities
  • Wit-O-Matic Cams (3) – Periphery Grinder, Ideal for Micro-Tooling
  • Harig Surface Grinder (28) – Precision Insert Form Grinding for all tolerances and Geometries
  • Sinjet Brush Honer – Multi-Station Brush Honer (Precision Edge Prep)
  • Sunnen Honer – ID Honing Capabilities
  • Parker Majestic ID Grinder – Precision grinding of ID’s of various sizes to precision tolerance and roundness (Bushings etc.)
  • Landis OD Grinder – Grinds OD’s of various sizes to precision tolerance and roundness
  • Full Steel Department – Bridgeports, Lathes, Cut-Off Saw, manufacturing of specialty toolholders, cartridges,internal fixturing etc.