Product Capabilities

Custom Fabrication

Spartan Carbide has been a leader for over 44 years in the fabrication of the most difficult and demanding blueprint special cutting tools. We have developed a "lean" manufacturing processing system with the latest in CNC grinding technologies. We offer reliability, innovation and personal service for any application.

Capability Outline

  • Top and Bottom CNC Grinding (Including Lap & Polish Finishes)
    • Stahli DLM 700 Top and Bottom Grinder
  • CNC Periphery Grinding (Close Tolerances)
    • Wendt/Alpha/WAM ECO All Insert Geometries
  • CNC Grinding (5 & 6 Axis Form Grinders)
    • Wendt WCD Upgrade (4 Axis)
    • Ewag RS12 (5 Axis) Form Grinders
    • (Grooving , Threading, Top- Notch, V-Bottom)
  • CNC 5-Axis Wire EDM
    • Accutex
  • Multi-Grind (5-Axis Profile Form Grinder)
    • Wendt-Haas AF92 Multi-Grind
  • CNC Centerless Round Tool Grinding
    • Tru-Tech Round Form Tool Grinder (3 Axis CNC)
    • (Tight Tolerance & High Finish Requirements)
  • CNC Form Tool Creep Grinding
    • Bridgeport EZ Surf (all styles of threaders / thread chasers)
    • Bridgeport Torq-Cut 22
    • (Toolholders, Cartridges, Cutters, Fixtures, Brazed Tools)
  • I.D./O.D. Grinding
    • Parker Majestic Variable Speed Spindle I.D. Grinder
    • Ded-Tru Centerless Grinder
    • Wide variety of round tooling - Rotary, Bushings, Punches, Die
    • Wear Parts, Rods, Pins, (Polishing & Close Tolerances)
  • Surface Grinding
    • Precision Insert Form Grinding (All Tolerances, All Styles)
  • Cam Grinding (All Insert Styles)
    • Wit-O-Matic CNC Periphery Grinder
  • Edge Prep
    • Almco S2-30
    • Sinjet Brush Honer (Multi-Station)
  • Blanchard Grinders
    • (Top & Bottom Grinding, Polishing 2-4 Micro Finish)
  • Qualified Journeymen Toolmaker Program

Diversified Capabilities