Wendt Alpha 350

wendt alpha 350 4-Axis CNC periphery grinder with MTX controls and advanced digital drive system designed for high precision peripheral grinding of inserts in short efficient cycle times. Offers excellent cutting edge quality at the tightest (± .0002") of tolerances.

Wendt WCD Upgrade

wendt wcd upgrade 4-axis CNC end form grinder with MTX controls and advanced digital drive system designed for high precision end form grinding of inserts in short efficient set up and cycle times. Offers excellent cutting edge quality at extremely tight (± .0002") tolerances.

Almco S2-30

almco s2-30 Spindle mounted precision honing and deburring machine designed for honing of carbide inserts and precision deburring of tooling. Finishes parts uniformly and consistently at high production rates, as well as improving surface finish of parts.

Wendt-Haas AF92 Multi-Grind:

wendt-haas af92 multi-grind We are excited to announce the purchase of our new Wendt-Haas AF92 Multi-Grind (5-Axis Profile Form Grinder). With the new C-Force Clamping System the AF92 is a stable, rigid machine designed for medium to high production of geometrically complex form tools and inserts. It has an integrated wheel changer, coupled with an Adept Cobra 800 Scara Robot, the Multi-Grind has incredibly fast and accurate chip to chip cycle times with simplified XF interface allowing importing of part profiles from any CAD system.

Wendt Eco Line Alpha 370 CNC:

wendt eco line alphaWendt Alpha 370R Roboted 4-Axis Insert Periphery Grinder. Fitted with Scara Robot and Pallet System, we can accommodate higher production volumes, with consistent tolerances and enhanced efficiency.

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Beamer (B-Series) Laser Etching Machine:

beamer laser etching The latest in State of the Art, parts marking technology. Highly Engineered to fulfill all laser marking applications, and can accommodate a large range of sizes. This easy to program, easy to use equipment allows for clear, concise and detailed laser marking for most any customer specifications.

Picture 1b series laser etching

Stahli DLM700 Top & Bottom Grinder

The Stahli DLM700 is a state-of-the-art double disc top and bottom grinder providing ultra close flatness and parallelism in one operation. All sizes and geometries holding tolerances within .0002".

Picture 1Picture 2Picture 3Picture 4Special Stahli Carriers

Ewag RS12 CNC Grinder

The Ewag RS12 CNC machines have 5 axis capability for grinding, grooving, threading, top notch, dog bone and all end form insert style cutting tools.

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Accutex SP-500i

accutex sp-500i The Accutex SP-500i is our brand new (Dec. 2010) state of the art 5-axis wire EDM machine. Designed for special form profile tooling (ideal for screw machine applications) can produce the most intricate form geometries consistently holding tolerances within +/- .0001 with superior cutting edge finish.

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BridgePort Harig EZSURF

The BridgePort EZ SURF is a productive CNC Creep Form Grinder that can manufacture several threading tools at one time all having the same geometric cutting edge. ex. Thread Chasers, API, Buttress

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Wendt ECO Line Grinder

The Wendt ECO Line Periphery grinding machine can grind multiple operations without having to remove or adjust the tool. It can grind positive (+) and negative (-) cuts while holding a tolerance of +/- .0002 with ease. It has Bosch controls that are state of the art.

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BridgePort Discovery Torq-Cut 22 (Horizontal Mill)

The BridgePort Torq-Cut 22 is our steel/standard and special horizontal mill machine capable of producing holders, fixtures, cartridges, and indexable tooling.

ELB SWN-9 Surface & Periphery Grinder

The ELB Surface and Periphery grinder has a grinding area of 12"x36" allowing for batch grinding of multiple inserts with thickness, size and flatness parallelism profile ground holding a .0002" tolerance.