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Mark Maron (34 yrs)
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Tom Haberski (34 yrs)
V.P. of Manufacturing
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Nanci Wishon (34 yrs)
Office/Administrative Manager
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Michael Catenacci (17 yrs)
Quality Control
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Tim Carpenter (17 yrs)
Plant Manager
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Susan Lint (3 yrs)
Customer Service
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Bill Wise (12 yrs)
Ohio Sales
email email • 419.618.7633

Kevin Haberski (8 yrs)
Michigan Sales
email email • 586.713.1072

Matt Maron (6 yrs)
Customer Service/Inside Sales
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Sales Representatives

Bill Simpkins
Michigan Representative
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Bill has been with Spartan for over 36 years and brings a wealth of tooling knowledge and experience.

Derek Balmer (Owner)
DCB Tools
Guanajuato, Mexico
442-413-4542 Nextel Cell (QRO)
92*15*12847 Radio ID
415-688-0975 Office (GTO)
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Derek is a manufacturers representative with over 20 years of experience in the cutting tool applications industry. He covers several industrial markets in Mexico.