Customized Carbide Inserts

We are a leader in custom carbide tooling and inserts, specializing in grinding Carbide, Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD), Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN), Ceramic Cutting Tools and Special Inserts.

custom carbide inserts These tools range from Blueprint Specials to Top Notch, Ballnose, Threading, Thread Chasers, Boring and Milling Inserts, Brazed Tools, as well as Standard Catalog Inserts of all styles.

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Custom Cutting Tools

custom cutting tools

Spartan Carbide specializes in the production of custom carbide cutting tools: special drills, spade drills, end mills, profile tools, step drills, end cutting form tools, form cutters, carbide form tools, circular form tools, and more.

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Custom Inserts

custom inserts

Spartan Carbide is the leading manufacturer of custom carbide inserts. Carbide drilling inserts, carbide grooving inserts, carbide turning inserts, carbide milling inserts & carbide threading inserts are available.

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Machine Applications

machine applications

Spartan Carbide is a ONE STOP manufacturer for all your cutting tool application needs: Grooving, Threading, Turning, Boring, Milling, Drilling, Scarfing, Burnishing, and Trepanning.

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